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The first six grandchildren posed before the Easter 2012 Egg Hunt.

A 2nd grandson, Sean Waters Main, arrived in 2012 as did a new Mini Roadster.

2011 included my 50th reunion at DePauw and Sandee buying herself a 70th b-day present.

Spring 2010 brought a convertible after doing without one for eight years.

We missed the Bigfork Art Fair on our 2009 trip to Montana, but found  Dave Reed.

Tess Georgia Main arrived early in 2009 and is grandchild number six.

An invasion of racoons  in 2007 caused us to reside the house in 2008.

Our summer 2007 trip to Montana was longer and more special than ususal.

2007 started with a construction project that met a multitude of needs.

Miss Sara Merrill Main was an early Christmas present to joyously end 2006.

Grace's arrival delayed, but did not preclude, the 2006 trip to Montana.

July 2006 Grace Nicole Valenzia arrived to our and her parents'  delight.

July 2005 we were off again to Montana, but the trip home was longer & special.

January 2005  brought Nora Eve Main and the renovation project at 751.

October 2003 Mark & Adrienne moved their family to Park Ridge.
Sandee was able to get back to Montana and saw family and friends  in July 2003.

Adrienne presented Mark with a son, on her birthday.....so we have a grandson!

July 20, 2002 all our lives changed dramatically as Sandee suffered a STROKE

Shelly & John Valenzia were married May 18, 2002.

Ella Reed was our first grandchild.  July 2001 her parents made a visit to Montana
and introduced her to some of her Quickenden relatives.

The tail end of 1998, the make up of our family  changed significantly.
We were pleased to announce an engagement  followed by a wedding 2/1/99.
The kids chose to celebrate their winter wedding with a great summer party.

Florida is now just a part of our past. Montana might have been the future.
A prior annual pilgrimage there is recorded at Montana 2001 .

Browsing the web revealed some genealogy information and created a new interest.
Step 2                                Step 3              Step 4           So Where?
Pharsalia, NY                    Pharsalia 1810 Census segment
Stonington, CT                  The Stonington CT 1790 Census Problem
Christopher Sr Main fgs    Christopher Jr Main fgs        Wm J Main fgs

October 2000 we were able to take a trip east to see Stonington and North Stonington
 We also got to see Pharsalia, NY and  Tompkins County west of there.
Genealogy trips and or DNA testing hopefully will answer my MAIN ancestry questions.

http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/a/i/Mac-Main/ has more on my Main ancestors.
As to the future of my particular MAIN family line, it's apparently all up to this guy.

We still have a Macintosh history,  and speaking of Macintosh computers,

Mike Royko wrote of his experience.

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