Step 3

After a month at home pouring over the data I had collected on my trip to east central Indiana
and contacts with newly found "alive, kicking & interested relatives," I felt like I had to make
another trip. My newly found relatives had accepted me as the great grandson of William J Main,
who was the son of Christopher Main Jr who was the son of Christopher Main Sr. They were
most helpful in providing information and helpful hints, but "proof" was lacking. I went to
the Great Lakes Regional Office of the National Archives to check 1850 census microfilm and found
my William J Main living, not at home with his father Christopher Main Jr, but with a different
wife and three young children!

Yet again, a relative saved the day. "Oh, that was his first wife...and she died as did all of the
children...except for one." Life was obviously harder in those days and yet life went on. A
good thing it did, for if it had not...I would not be a decendant of his second marriage to Surrelda.

At the wonderful Henry County Public Library, I found proof... that was good enough for me.

This 1857 Atlas shows a large plot owned by Christopher Main Jr and adjacent
plots owned by two of his sons, my Wm J and his younger brother Henry.

The pink square in the lower right of the map indicates the cemetery where Christopher
Main Jr is buried along with his first wife (of 4) who was the mother of his children.
Some believe Wm J and his first wife Rachel are buried there too. I found the graves
of two of their children that died in infancy, but I can't find their graves. Perhaps
some day, on another trip....

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