Mike Royko on Macintosh:

Mike apparently, and justifiably, loved his Mac experience. Excerpts from his columns follow and each entire column is linked to the date it appeared. While the Chicago Tribune site did a great job of honoring him, they failed to include these "MacLover" columns in their archives.

3/28/95  "Want a computer? Take it to the Macs."

9/27/95 "No thrills, no agony by missing wagon  on Windows 95"

 12/12/95"Think it's time you entered cyberworld?"

11/21/96  "Caution: Buying a Computer is Only the Beginning"

Roger Ebert on Mike Royko April 29, 1997

"He was a master of prose: He used simple words and direct sentences to create the most subtle and touching effects. For more than 30 years, wherever he worked, Mike Royko was the best newspaper columnist in America."

Naturally, the Royko columns are copyrighted by the Chicago Tribune and presumeably the Ebert column is copyrighted by the Chicago Sun Times or Mr. Ebert himself.

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