This is Pharsalia today. The sign indicates Norwich 16 east, Cincinnatus 8 west. Unseen are the two
active farm houses and two dogs.

The area just north of North Pharsalia has returned to nature and become a heavily wooded wildlife
management area. The pond is immediately behind the sign and has the perfect drop for a mill.
Unfortunately, this is section 22 and one mile east of section 21 where Christopher (Sr) Main owned
land in the 1802-1812 time frame.

Both these cemeteries were well maintained. Pharsalia's does not have any of my Main family on record
as being there and I found none. The McLean Cemetery, in Tompkins County to the west,  supposedly
has Asa Main descendant graves. But, due to the size of the cemetery I could not find them.

Some Main researchers believe that the Asa above, born 1769, is the elder brother of our Christopher.
This is a theory that provides us hope, but for which we as yet have no substantiation.