Montana 2003


    Next time, we'll have her brothers stand directly under the antlers
    and have Sandee and her mother pose with the moose between them.


     Downtown Helena had decorated Bears while real wildlife was eating the flowers within a half mile of the Capitol building.


   Public art in Helena certainly has a Western flair.


   Flathead Lake proved to be as serene as we expected and needed it to be.
Instead of driving the  200 some miles from Bigfork back to Helena, we drove west to Idaho and even
into eastern Washington state before coming back into Idaho to see scenery we had never seen before.
We drove  south to Lewiston Idaho and then took US 12 east along a route Lewis and Clark had taken
westbound in 1805. The day's trip, 685 miles.

Horses were on display in Billings where Sandee had her last fling of no sales tax shopping.
Sandee and Mac have big smiles because we only needed the wheel chair 5 times in over two weeks for
major excursions: (once in Casper Wyoming, twice in Helena, once in Bigfork and finally in Billings).

Since we've gotten home, the fire situation has become worse. Http:// has more info.

This photo from our friends on Flathead Lake shows how bad it could be without flames nearby.