one family's odyssey into the world of computers

   We've been a Macintosh family since the very beginning.
When your nickname is "Mac"...there was no other computer to
choose...especially, if all you could do was "point and click"

1984...the Macintosh arrives and this Mac gets his own first computer 1/25/84, the day after its release. (1)
1985...the 128 became a 512 and then became a Mac Plus.  Mac buys Apple stock.
1986...Shelly went off to DePauw with a 512E.(2)
1987...Sandee decides she too needs a, by then discontinued and cheaper, 512E. (3)
1988...Mark went to KU with Sandee's former 512E, but with 2 megs and a HD20
1989...we added an SE30 (4) to the collection and Shelly buys Microsoft stock

1990...we took the year off and just enjoyed using our Macs.

1991...we went for color with 3 Mac IIsi  (5) boxes and Sandee got  color in her inherited SE30
1992... then we discovered POWERBOOKS: Closeout PB100s (6), then a PB140 (7) and then in...
1993...a PB180c (8). We tried a clone to see what wintel boxes were like .... We know better!
1994...Mark moves to SanFrancisco, to work and see much more of The Grateful Dead
1995...Mac tries Win 95, August 24-Aug 29, and gets quoted in the 9/1/95 Wall Street Journal
1996...Shelly, finally, buys her own first computer, a Macintosh 190cs.
1997...Mac gets a Powerbook 1400cs (9) and Shelly replaces her 190cs with a 1400cs.
1998...Shelly defects and buys a WinBook and it meets her needs for work and travel.
1999...Mac breaks down a buys a reduced price G3 series 266 (10) powerbook ...wonderful!

2000...every 10 years we don't buy a new Macintosh
Mac buys a 2001 dual usb iBook (11) as a Christmas present for himself
2002...nothing new
nothing new
Mac buys a 14"iBook (12) that works with both Sys 9 and the new OS X
Sandee gets the 14"iBook when Mac gets a 12" G4  iBook. (13)
2006...Disaster. Mac spills coffee killing the G4 iBook. It is replaced with an Intel MacBook!
Sandee gets a 20" iMac (15) for Mother's day.  Mac gets an iPhone.
nothing new
.Mac gets a new iPhone 3G and celebrates 25 years of Mac ownership with a 13" MacBook Pro. (16)

2010...The iPad comes out and Mac buys one for himself and the other two households with grandchildren.
           Mac gets an iPhone 4 and Sandee gets the hand-me-down 3G jailbroken to use T Mobile.
2011...The iPad 2 arrives and Mac gets one and gives his original one to the Main kids as a spare.