Genealogy Trips

October 2000 I dragged Sandee East in search of some of my ancestors. We went through Canada for fun and began the
genealogical tour in Gouverneur NY where my maternal grandmother was born. From there we went to Albany NY
where my maternal grandparents were married and are buried. Coeymans NY, just south of Albany, was where my great-
grandfather McKee met and married his Briggs wife. Stonington CT was the next stop as that was where the Main family
began significant growth in the very early 1700s. There were so many Main families in the Stonington area that by the
start of the revolutionary war some had already moved  away to other areas of the new country as  independence was
declared. From Stonington we followed my branch of the Main family as it moved to near Norwich in Chenango
county NY. The last stop on this trip was near South Bend IN where my oldest known, thus far, Main relative is buried.

Fall 2003 was our most extensive trip. We checked on Main, McKee & Meyeur history in New York, Main & Briggs in
CT, Baum & Pugh in PA, Weaver & Spessard in MD, Hunt in VA, Pugh in NC, Hunt again in KY, Baum & Weaver in
OH and finally Main and Hunt in Indiana.