Below is a section of the 1810 Federal census for Pharsalia of Chenango County NY.
I've included it here in hope that some descendant of the any of the other families listed  can provide a clue as to
the highlighted Christopher Main's ancestry. My Christopher & family were living on land purchased in 1808 from
an Asa Main and his wife Mary of Springfield, Otsego County, NY. Asa bought the land in 1802 from Joseph Denison
and his wife Prudence, although there is no indication that Asa & his family ever actually lived on this land.
The Abel Newton listed above my Christopher reportedly bought his land from John Weaver and also a small piece
from Christopher as well as another small piece from a Peter Cheseborough. (If you wish to print this, try 60%)

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Many of these families came from Stonington CT or adjacent areas of Rhode Island. What little I know of
them and their
inter-relationships will be posted here and updated as I learn more. I'm convinced the solution to Christopher Main's & his wife Amelia (Mellia) Weaver's ancestry will be determined from these relationships.
If you can help, please email

Lodowick Weever..married Mary Brown daughter of Nehemiah Brown & Rebecca Lewis
Luke Babcock.......married Desire Frink, the daughter of Prentice Frink
Abel Newton (land formerly owned by John Weever)

CHRISTOPHER MAIN with 5 sons (Christopher, William, Ira, Grant & Noyes) and 3 daughters plus his wife Amelia Weaver.

Joseph Jr Frink.....married Anna Main daughter of Amos Main & Abigail Brown

My gut feel is that Christopher naming sons Grant and Noyes is part of the puzzle. Christopher Jr. later named
Nathan T.  and Lewis W. for as yet undetermined reasons.