The Chronology of one Illinois family named Main from 1900 forward...
(Pugh-Main, McKee-Main, Quickenden-Main, Waters-Main & Main-Valenzia)

1900  Martin Dexter Main, formerly of Muncie, Indiana marries Maude Pugh of Indianola, Illinois
1905  Thomas Cahoun McKee marries Hortense Elisa Meyeur of Albany, New York
1906  Merrill Martin Main is born 2 January, near Indianola, in Vermilion County Illinois
1906  Frances Bignall McKee is born December 26 in Chicago.

1928  Both Frances B. McKee & Merrill Martin Main graduate from the U of IL at Urbana/Champaign.

1930  The McKee household, of 4709 Beacon St, Chicago, includes "the mother-in-law."
1931  Frances Bignall McKee & Merrill Martin Main are married in Chicago
1935  After thirty-five years of marriage, here are  "Dec" & Maude on the front porch.
1936  Martin Dexter Main (1859-1936), Merrill's father, dies and is buried at Indianola IL

1939  Mac is born in Chicago and Merrill and Frances think that's news.
1940  Three generations of Mains are together in Indianola.
1941  Grandpa McKee was supposedly stern, but not in this picture.
1942  Merrill is called to active duty as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps.
1943  Capt. Main's family was stationed near Neosho, Missouri at Camp Crowder.
1944  Merrill & Frances buy a home in Park Ridge, near by to the Thomas C McKees of Chicago.
1945  Our home got moved to this new location, in 1939 from 715 North Prospect.
1946  Thomas C. McKee, Frances' father, dies and is interred in the McKee plot in Albany NY.
1947  Merrill tries to teach Mac the joys of fishing at Blaney Park in northern Michigan.
1948 .Our local neighborhood fills out as new houses are built on the vacant lots.
1949  Cub Scouts, Little League and back yard picnics were typical Park Ridge.

1950  Christmas marked six years of being "at home in Park Ridge."
1951  Maude Pugh Main (1866-1951) dies in Daytona Beach FL and is buried at Indianola, IL.
1952  Frances learns Mac does not have her talent at the piano.
1953  Mac graduates from junior high school and enters high school.
1954  Boy Scout camp or a train trip to California & home via Glacier Park. Who can remember?
1955  Apparently Mac had a growth spurt. This was taken in New Orleans on a Spring break.
1956  Merrill & Frances are married 25 years and celebrate in Hawaii with Mac along for the trip.
1957  Mac graduates from high school and goes off to DePauw.
1958  Fraternity life was the DePauw way in that era.
1959  Hortense Meyeur McKee, (1879-1959), dies in Chicago and is buried in Albany NY.

1960  Bermuda, AFROTC summer camp & a trip to Europe including the Olympics in Rome.
1961  Mac graduates from DePauw,  is commissioned and sent to Malmstrom AFB Montana.
1962  The Cuban missile crisis  sped up the installation of missiles in Montana
1963  Merrill and Frances visit Mac in Montana.
1963  Mac meets Sandee, and then Sandee meets the parents  at Christmas.
1964  Sandee and Mac are married in Great Falls and travel to Riverside CA
1965  After a weekend in Mexico, Sandee & Mac return to Park Ridge, via Montana
1966  Merrill & Frances retire, move to Florida and build a new home.
1967   A pregnant Sandee returns to Montana for Christmas.
1968  Michele Lynn Main is born and spends her first Christmas in Florida.
1969  Mac & Sandee celebrate their 5th anniversary in Bermuda.

1970  Mark is born & the Quickendens visit. Mark has his first Christmas in Florida.
1971  Mark has his first summer vacation trip to Montana to visit his "Q" grandparents.
1972  Shelly & Mark practice and (circus) train for their first visit to Walt Disney World.
1973  This summer trip was a long one, Flathead Lake, Red Lodge, Yellowstone & the Tetons.
1974  A Spring skiing trip to Snowmass at Aspen is the highlight of the year.
1975  Sandee, the volunteer, becomes an employee at Lutheran General Hospital.
1976  After a year of planning, a major addition to the house is started.
1977  The Nicholsons  inspected the addition and we had a reunion in Oregon at Thanksgiving.
1978  Mac planned an East Coast vacation while doing temporary duty in San Francisco
1979  NYC & Bermuda were a special family vacation and old friends visited.

1980  Mother's Day at the country club......Two youngsters first meet at Field School.
1981  Merrill & Frances celebrate their 50th anniversary. Shelly meets Cub stars.
1982  The senior Mains enjoyed the good life in Florida and we enjoyed visiting them..
1983  Charles T Quickenden dies and Peggy comes to Park Ridge for Christmas
1984  "Bud"& Frances McKee Main both die at their homes in Florida. Some Jr High graduates..
1985  Merrill breaks his hip and joins us in Park Ridge to recuperate and then stays on.
1986  Shelly graduates from high school and goes on to DePauw. Mac has a 25th reunion at DePauw
1987  Mac relives his past with a used toy that is not quite as wonderful as his 1961 Sunbeam Alpine.
1988  Mark graduates from high school and goes off to KU.  Mac stays home with Merrill.
1989  After 25 years of marriage, these Mains have two kids in college.

1990  Shelly graduates from DePauw and gets a starting job in retail management.
1991  Shelly rejoins Parkside Senior Services and Merrill continues senior living with us.
1992  Mark brings Ozzie home pregnant and she delivers 10 pups
1993  Mark graduates from Kansas and goes off to Equador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.
1994  Merrill Martin Main (1906-1994) dies and Sandee returns to Montana for a 25th GFHS reunion
1995  Shelly, Sandee & Mac visit Mark in San Francisco where he is working for FEMA
1996  Mark visits from San Francisco, after FEMA and before PW.
1997  Sandee moves on from Lutheran General and learns Chicago has much to offer. 
1998  Sandee becomes a member of the "PowWow Mafia."  Mark reacquaints himself with Adrienne.
1999  Mark and Adrienne are married in St. Lucia. Mac. begins his genealogy study.
          The sale of the Florida house is the end an era. Mark & Adrienne buy their first house.

2000  Sandee manages volunteers for Chicago's Millennium Celebration. Quickendens for Thanksgiving.
2001  Ella arrives and John Valenzia also becomes a factor in our lives. Chicago Greeter begins.
2002  Shelly and John are married, Sandee has a stroke, & Luke arrives on Adrienne's birth day.
2003  Sandee gets back to Montana. The Mark Mains move to PR. Luke is now one year old.
2004  Millennium Park opened in Chicago and we went twice to check it out.
2005  Nora arrived! Luke gets his first stiches. Shelly & John move to a larger home.
2006  Grace Nicole Valenzia arrived in July and Sara Merrill Main arrived in December.
2007  Adrienne & Mark needed to enlarge their house to contain their expanded family.
2008  Sandee & Mac resided their house and had a canopy created over the front entry.
2009  Sandee returns to Great Falls, Montana for her 50th high school reunion.

2010  Mac gets a new red convertible fortynine years after buying his first one.
2011  50th anniversary at DePauw and bringing home a new friend after a trip to Montana.
2012  A second grandson, Sean Waters Main, arrives as does a new Mini Roadster for Mac.